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Past Events


15.03 - 24.04.24

The project was created to symbolize the continuous movement of time, the circle of life and death, and the constant rotation of events and cycles of history. In recent years, Ukraine has faced complex challenges due to the war, which significantly impacts various aspects of society and determines a particular cycle in events and people's lives.





09.02 - 13.03.24

Almost every one of us asks one day or another: What is happening around us? What is transpiring inside us? What do we feel, and how do we live through it?

All works in the current exhibition were created between 2021 and 2023, which the artist experienced through his own emotional prism, sometimes in balance, sometimes not at all. 

Painting by touch

12.01 - 01.03.23

An unusual exhibition in all senses of the word. This was the first time for us to collaborate with another organisation, as well as the first time presenting artwork that is not mean to be looked at but rather designed to be touched by hands while you are wearing an eye mask. 



27.10 - 29.11.23

This new exhibition is about pain and unbearable hurt, but the works shine with inner peace, balance and light. Olena's paintings remind are like affirmations; the message is clear - love is still here, inside us, and if we try hard not to forget about it, even for a minute, we will win all the wars in our lives.

Lviv Metro

29.09 - 25.10.23

"Biography of a Lviv Metro passenger. The nature of the characters I met is somewhat ironic. However, in their provincial simplicity, there is a lot of sincerity, immediacy, and beauty. They are like antipodes to the slavery of Instagram aesthetics. Life itself is in the imperfection." - Olena Ivanyshyn.


With Love Smirnovich

21.07 - 23.08.23

A refreshing look on life, art and the war in Ukraine. Evegeny's works are filled with clever subtexts and in some instances give an interesting perspective on what is happening in Ukraine now. 


23.06 - 19.07.23

"In a period of chaos and decay, there is self-rumination to raise the forgotten to the surface, understand and talk about the present, and find balance." M. Hilevych



26.05 - 22.06.23

Our first group show! We planned one before in March 2022, with the start of the war in February, we had to cancel. Grateful for another opportunity to showcase beautiful works by multiple artists. 

The works reflect the artists' thoughts on concepts that represent a constantly repeating process that affects our whole life. 


24.03. - 20.04.23

The exhibition by Dora Lybak represents a peaceful protest, an artistic weapon, against everything mundane. Being strong is now a basic need, as is being vulnerable. The canvases are filled with peaches, irises, and feminine images, hiding the author's efforts to convey deep feelings and thoughts as a tribute to the vulnerability and gentle power of femininity.


Healing by sight

24.02. - 22.03.23

One of the most difficult years has passed for each of us. No matter what, we keep trying to move forward. Everyone is doing what they can, not giving up, and still trying to enjoy life and humanity in any way they can. 

Most of Nataliia's works are portraits of outstanding people of Ukraine, extraordinary characters of our time, heroes of the 2014–2022 war. 

One step ahead

20.01. - 22.02.23

In his hyper-realistic paintings, Koval speaks of the body as a territory, as an alive space that has certain outlines and characteristics – with strengths and weaknesses, painful spots, injuries. Space can be common, controversial, open or isolated, with fixed or moving boundaries. Your own body is the only area the contours of which are safely outlined. But even this border is blurred and fragile.

MicrosoftTeams-image (2).jpeg

Star bearers

21.10. - 16.11.22

This exhibition offers a unique take on the war and how it affects our people. The good that comes out of the horrifying circumstances is incredibly inspiring. Taras Keb's magical characters are a tribute to all the people of Ukraine who have been standing up to fight evil in any way they can, whether volunteering or fighting on the front lines. 


24.09. - 21.09.22

Incredibly relevant and moving series of images. 

The artist endeavours to find the deep-laid Ukrainian cultural code through the prism of her individual feelings in order to identify, what place Ukrainian modern art occupies on the global art arena


Another reality

13.08. - 09.09.22

After a long silence, we finally had another great opening. The talented Lesya Kovalchyshyn became our first artist after a long pause. Lesya works with painting, collage, photography, and performance art. In her work, she explores the subject of humankind and the influence on it. You can personally view and purchase new works from August 13 until September 9. Most importantly, 35% of all profits made from purchased artwork will be donated to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


13.02. - 09.03.22

Artist's first solo exhibition. 

As Solomiia says her art is about us, about humans, about the state we are in, about body language. 

These moments are like little snapshots, frozen in time. A mixture of the exotic, the everyday, and with a light touch of staged theatricality.


Life as it is and as it is not

15.01. - 10.02.22

Another great exhibition of oil paintings by a very talented artist who also teaches Contemporary Art Practices at Lviv Academy of Arts. Yaryna works in the field of performance, painting, installation, and art objects. She explores the concept of the "presence" of a man, which provokes changes in the primary meaning of places and situations. The main themes are related to place, context, and memory: objects and their invisible stories.


05.11. - 15.12.21

The show of young and talented Liliya Studnytska titled “The Line” gives us a chance to slow down and gaze into the distance. All the works have been created on one horizon line, so the viewer could take in the incredible awakening of quiet horizons that you want to touch and breath in their aroma and taste the succulent moment of those magnificent colors.

100 x 100.JPG


01.10. - 02.11.21

A human’s ability to play games is an important social function. In a game we learn, communicate, explore and get to know things. Philosopher Friedrich Shiller considered playing games as one of the manifestations of the aesthetics and spirituality of human life. 

Therefore, we prepared a new exhibition at our space , and yes, its’ titled Game. This shows’ author is a talented young artist, a participant in various artistic and public events and exhibitions, symposiums and Plein Air.

The Snows of Kilimanjaro

29.08. - 28.09.21

This time around, we combined the art show with the presentation of the new publishing of the famous Ernest Hemingway book The Snows of Kilimanjaro. Anton Selleshii, our colleague whose graphic art balances between the contrast of strength and vulnerability, the intensity of feelings, and the subtleness of perception, illustrated this collection of stories.


Waves of Worries

31.07. - 26.08.21

We are excited to present a radically new direction of art — Papercutting.

The art of paper cutting is an ancient technique of creating fragile and delicate works with the help of just colored paper and knives or scissors. The art of paper cutting is a tradition in many countries, having immense popularity in China and Japan, and notably in Ukraine.

Consciousness Intersection.
2021 Dilkone and Feros

26.06. - 28.07.21

The artists path took them from the street graffiti on abandoned buildings to international recognition at various festivals and exhibitions. So don't be surprised if you capture the recognizable artistic style of the brothers on the streets of Germany, Thailand, or Georgia.


Land of Memory

22.05. - 23.06.21

Starting from May 22, 2021 our gallery began to operate officially. Our first artists works in such areas as artistic textiles, modern painting, collage, photography, performance. Her exhibition works combine the sensory experience of nature admiration and background anxiety from the military actions and uncertainty in the country.

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