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Mia Panas

In my work, I like to resort to minimalism, leaving space for the viewer, thus increasing the emphasis on the characters and their emotions.


My paintings are about us, about people, about the state we are in, about body language.

 Emotion is a strong feeling that carries a lot of unspoken. In the series of works MOMENTS, I want to allow the viewer to reflect on characters from the paintings, where you can come up with your own story, who he/she is, what he/she does, what is around, what emotions are felt?

I never know what will inspire me to a new canvas, but I know for sure that this may be the most ordinary little thing we are unlikely to notice.

For me, a painting is not just some paint on a canvas; it is something more, something that comes to life in your imagination and swirls with its own life.


The artist lives and works in Lviv. She is 26 years old.

Mia was born in a small town in the Lviv region. As a child, she attended art school, where she first became acquainted with painting, drawing, graphics, and sculpture.

The strongest memory from the art school is an old studio of the graphics and drawing teacher, where he worked and taught students; it was very intimate there, and students painted near windows and on windowsills.

In graduation classes, Mia moved to Lviv and studied at the Art Lyceum at the Lviv Academy of Arts. Later she studied fashion design and construction at the Lviv College of Light Industry at KNUTD and at the Kyiv National University of Technology and Design.

Mia did not work in her occupation, and she moved away from painting for several years,  working for four years as a make-up artist. She left her job two years ago to return to art.

Mia Panas is short-spoken and calm by nature. In her life, she prefers to be an observer than a participant. She finds ideas and mindset for her work, where she then adds her emotions. Mia loves sincerity and ease in friendships and relationships. She is inspired by people and travels, movies, good music, and everyday things. For her, meditation in the arts is the search for colors, light forms, and the transfer of emotions, improvisation, which gives rise to unexpected results. Creativity for Mia is a small cave where she can completely relax and dissolve.
She first showed her work in December 2021 at the bar "People Place".
MOMENTS is Solomiya's first solo exhibition.

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