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Halyna Dudar


A cycle is the continuous movement of time, the circle of life and death, as well as the constant turnover of events and cycles of history.


In recent years, Ukraine has been facing complex challenges as a result of the war, which has a significant impact on various aspects of society and determines a certain cycle in events and people's lives.


The Cycle project presents a series of works and sound effects inspired by the events that have been taking place in Ukraine since 2014. It symbolizes the continuous development, the next generations, and the constant struggle.


Born in Ukraine, Pochaiv 

October 25,1986. 

Lives and works in Lviv. 

Cell +38 0989643686 


Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine (National Union of Artists of Ukraine) since 2012.


  •  2011 Lviv National academy of art (LNAM), fine arts and restoration department, Monumental painting.

Graduate with honours.

  • 2009 I. Trush Lviv State College of Decorative and Fine Arts, Monumental painting. Graduate with honours. 


Participant of Ukrainian and international exhibitions, plein airs and social projects. The works are located in the following countries: Ukraine, Australia, Denmark, USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, England, Poland, France, Romania, New Zealand, China, Greece, Czech Republic, Croatia, Spain.

Constantly conducts art master classes for children and adolescents.

  • 2015 Curator of Junior direction at the specialized school of design Creative, teacher of design and visual arts/Lviv, Ukraine. 

  • 2013-2016 Alliance française de Lviv Teacher, course of lectures and workshops for children (7 -10years):visual arts/Lviv, Ukraine. 

  • 2011-2013 Lecturer in the art studio of LEMISH/Lviv, Ukraine. 

  • 2008-2011 School of Arts number 9.Teacher, course of lectures and workshops for children (7 -16 years)visual arts/Lviv, Ukraine. 


  • 2023 "Cosmogony of senses" Korsakiv Museum of Modern Ukrainian Art / Lutsk/ Ukraine 

  • 2023 "Muse Your Weapon" Chmury /Warsaw/Poland 

  • 2022 "Breath" Konopacki Palace/solo exhibition /Warsaw/Poland 

  • 2022 "Art as a gift" Konopacki Palace /Warsaw/Poland 

  • 2022 "Kod kulturowy" Galeria Bielska BWA solo exhibition, Klubokawiarnia Aquarium/Poland 

  • 2022 "Ethnoportfestival" CKZamek /solo exhibition /Poznan/Poland 

  • 2022 Kosmos Pograniczy/Sejny/Poland 

  • 2021 International art project #365daysafter /art gallery «Mytets»/ Ukraine 

  • 2021 residense Art investments in Bakota/Ukraine 2020 "Distance" solo exhibition / dehouse / Lviv 

  • 2019 DRO.ART (Days of Contemporary Art in Drohobych) performance / Drohobych / Ukraine 

  • 2019 International Triennale of painting of the Carpathian region "Silver Square 2018". Przemysl, Poland. 

  • 2019 Creative Residency Gnizdo, Creatice Residency MC6, Slavske, 2019 

  • 2018 "Piggy bank for travel 2" Children's Forum in Lviv 2018 / solo exhibition / Lviv Palace of Arts / Lviv 

  • 2017 "SIGNS" solo exhibition /Ukraiński Dom W Warszawie/ Poland. 

  • 2017 "Piggy bank for travel" World Coffee / Solo exhibition / Lviv / Ukraine 

  • 2017 "Spring Salon 2017" Lviv Palace of Arts / Lviv / Ukraine2016 

  • 2017 "Saved Treasures of the Underground Lviv" Lubelskie Museum / Lublin / Museum of Archeology / Krakow / Poland 

  • 2017 International Triennale of painting of the Carpathian region "Silver Square 2016". Przemysl, Poland. 

  • 2017 "SIGNS" solo exhibition /dehouse/ Lviv / Ukraine 

  • 2017 "Piggy bank for a house" Art gallery Something interesting / solo exhibition / Lviv / Ukraine 

  • 2015 "Painting" Alliance française de Lviv / solo exhibition / Lviv / Ukraine 

  • 2014 International Exhibition "Autumn Salon" Palace of Arts / Lviv / Ukraine 

  • 2014 "Christmas Exhibition" Gary Bowman Art Gallery/ Lviv / Ukraine 

  • 2014 "Archeology" Rescued treasures of underground Lviv / Lviv / Ukraine 

and more 

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