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Taras Keb

Star bearers

I created the works for this exhibition during the war with the thought of our people: hard-working, merciful, strong, courageous, brave, friendly and loving, and so much more. To preserve the most crucial concept - our life, people unite. One's family becomes another's family. Someone's mother or father becomes a parent for another. People come together and help others in the most dangerous moments of life when it seems that it is about to end. They save the weakest and put their chests and heads under bullets and explosions, covering the future with themselves.


There is a saying: "To reach for the stars," which means to do something unusual, supernatural, or impossible. They are the ones who do it. Each and everyone one of them. They get those stars and keep them. My star bearers. 



Taras Keb (Taras Romanyuk)

Ukraine, Lviv

I work in painting, graphics, decorative and applied arts, etc. Stylistics close to me are primitivism, art brut, and naive art. The main themes of the works are myth and mythology, the inner world of the self-taught artist, his personality and emotions, creative processes, the relationship between such an artist and society, etc. I am engaged in studying primitive and naïve art, both Ukrainian and the world. 



1995-2001 LNU named after Ivan Franko, Lviv

2004-2006 Collegium of Polish and Ukrainian Universities in Lublin, Poland

2009-2011 – Ukrainian Academy of Design, Lviv.


Exhibitions (last 7 years):

  • August 2022 - solo exhibition "Galician flashky" Lviv Ivan Franko National Literary and Memorial Museum (Franko House), Lviv

  • January 2022 - exhibition "my vertep" gallery "Tsmok" Lviv

  • October 2021-exhibition "Tai-take" gallery DK" Name" Lviv

  • May 2021-exhibition "Samosii" gallery "Tsmok" Lviv

  • October 2020 - participant of the "Biennale of Naive Art" I-Galery Kyiv

  • October 2020 - participant of the "Sheptytskyi Biennale" Lviv

  • September 2020 - exhibition "I am a monster" Lviv Puppet Theater, Lviv

  • March 2020 - participant of the "Injection" exhibition, Lviv.

  • January 2020 - "Where is my home" exhibition, "Book Lion" gallery, Lviv

  • October 2019 - participant of the "Salon" project Futurahab, Lviv

  • July 2019 — personal exhibition "Nobody", gallery "Zefirina", Lviv

  • June 2019 — exhibition "Griffon" Alliance francaise de Lviv.

  • May 2019 — "Where is my home" exhibition, "Bunkermuz" gallery, Ternopil

  • April 2019 — participant of the "Sacred Space" project, Lviv.

  • April 2019 — exhibition "Where is my home", art space "Vagabundo" Ivano-Frankivsk

  • March 2019 — participant of the project "Anarchy - between the street and the interior" Harry Bowman Gallery, Lviv

  • January 2019 - "Strange carols" (Taras Keb and Petro Buyak) "Book Lion" Lviv

  • December 2018 - "Christmas Kaleidoscope" Stari Mury, Lviv

  • November 2018 - "Dia de las Fridas-X" gallery "Zefirina" Lviv

  • May 2018-exhibition "Wonder Beast" Children's Book Forum in Lviv

  • October 2017 - "Day of the Dead -9" gallery "Zephyrina" Lviv

  • September 2017 - participation in the collective exhibition "Hook" in "Mystetskyi Barabakan" Kyiv

  • April 2017 - participation in the project-exhibition "The room" Kyiv

  • February 2017 – participation in the project-exhibition "The room", Lviv

  • August 2016 - participated in the "Jagiellonian Fair" in Lublin, Poland

  • June 2016 - exhibition, "Incitia" Humenne, Slovakia

  • June 2016 - exhibition and workshops in the festival "TuCzyTam" Sanok, RP

  • April 2016 - personal exhibition "The City That Wasn't There" as part of the "French Spring in Ukraine" Alliance francaise de lviv”

  • January 2016 - exhibition "Christmas fantasies" Gallery at the National Parliamentary Library, Kyiv

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