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Dora Lybak


The whole world is full of things that can be experienced. Around us, there is a lot of noise. We pass it through ourselves as if we were forcibly drawn into a game without fully understanding its rules. Being strong has now become a basic need, as has to be vulnerable.

Vulnerability is a sign of the living because only a living nerve can feel pain. My artistic language is soft and gentle and probably also vulnerable. My efforts to convey deep feelings, thoughts, and events that fulfill the soul hide in canvases full of delicate symbols (peaches. irises. women's bodies). Hidden meanings form clear images.

This exhibition is dedicated to the gentle power when external forces are refined to the pure emotion of a feeling. it is all about her. she is a woman, a flower, grace.

I have always been interested in and inspired by how children depict the world. Freely, strangely, and "wrongly". I try to implement these principles in my creativity. I am not afraid to combine different techniques on canvases, but I predominantly prefer oil. Abstract themes, chaotic lines, marks, and specific figurative images in my paintings often lose their straight meaning and order. Everything that happens in my works is an allusion to internal reflections on existence.


My works are my peaceful protest. To convey something profound literally— is simple but ineffective. Through the literal to show the deep—is strange, like a puzzle to think about. I always choose the second option; this is my artistic weapon.


It is important for me to touch on deep topics by illustrating them through "warm" and, at first glance, simple, sincere images. After all, this is my visual way of portraying love.


Born in Rivne, Ukraine in 1997.
2018–2020 - Rivne State University of Humanities, Master's degree in Decorative and Applied Art, and Restoration.
2014–2018 - Rivne State University of Humanities, Bachelor's degree in Decorative and Applied Art, and Restoration.
Since 2020, have been actively developing her own artistic language.


  • 2023 group exhibition "Prometheus for Ukraine". Warsaw, Poland.

  • 2022 group exhibition "Connected art #2". Warsaw, Poland.

  • 2022 group exhibition "Time of war. Reflections...". Lviv, Ukraine.

  • 2022 group exhibition "Ukrainian day". Denmark, Copenhagen.

  • 2022 group exhibition "War is not peace". Bordeaux, France.

  • 2021 group exhibition "Avanguard Locals", Lviv, Ukraine.

  • 2021 group exhibition "Your names, Ukraine" MSUMK, Lutsk, Ukraine.

  • 2019 group exhibition "From vocation to profession" NSHU, Dnipro, Ukraine.

2022 publication in the magazine "PLAYBOY" No. 3, art issue, Ukraine.
2021 publication in the monograph "How to become a name" edited by V. Korsak

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