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SOUL dep ARTS (Vladyslav Popereka)


What is happening around us? What is happening inside each of us?

What do we feel, and how do we experience it?

It seems to me that our world is so fleeting that we stop noticing something and lose focus. Starting with everyday life, routine, work processes, the feeling of a successful or not-so-successful day, and ending with global issues such as war, society, culture, and everything that happens around. Thus, the balance of one with the other is lost.

In this series of works created from 2021-2023, I experience all of this on my own, sometimes in balance and sometimes not at all. This is precisely what I want to express as sincerely as possible on the canvas. It can be seen in bright and naive colors and expressive compositions.

In this art exhibition, I want the viewer to focus a little on his personal, genuine feelings, both everyday and global.

For the sake of interpretation, the works are divided; to the left, one can view positive narratives; to the right, negative ones; and in between them, everything that happened, and I managed to keep it somewhat balanced. Perhaps text clues in the form of calligraphic inscriptions will help grasp and experience the work's context.



SOUL dep ARTS (Popereka Vladyslav)

Kyiv, Ukraine, 14.10.1997


2020 B.A. in Art, Graphic design, KNUTD, Kyiv, Ukraine

The artists began his journey as a street culture person. By studying the basics of design and typography, the first art pieces were a mixture of graffiti and calligraphy.
All this was transformed into a practice based on abstraction with elements of calligraphic text.



  • 2023 - Solo exhibition, "Negroni", Zustrich cafe, Kyiv, Ukraine

  • 2023 - Group exhibition, Dubai Calligraphy, Biennale, UAE

  • 2023 - Group exhibition "Космогонія сенсів", MSUMK, Lutsk, Ukraine

  • 2023 - Group exhibition "Calligraphy and font", Mystetskyi Arsenal , Kyiv, Ukraine

  • 2022 - Group exhibition "Це мій дім", Maysternya, Kyiv, Ukraine

  • 2022 - Group exhibition "The ART of KINDNESS", William Campbell Gallery, USA

  • 2022 - Group exhibition "Ukrainearteria", Porto, Portugal

  • 2022 - Group exhibition "The War Map", TEO, Tel-Aviv, Israel

  • 2021 - Group exhibition "Редіс.Ка", Dnipro, Ukraine

  • 2020 - Solo private exhibition, "Maysternya", Kyiv, Ukraine

  • 2019 - Group exhibition "Виставка 24х", Kyiv, Ukraine


  • 2022 - Mini-grant from Funding Team Spilka, Ukraine

  • 2022 - Mini-grant from Cermak Eisenkraft gallery, Czech Republic

Commercial Project

  • 2023 - Commercial collaboration with Natus_vincere_official x Have a rest

  • 2023 - Soul departs x Allstars

  • 2022 - Soul departs x Sirena

  • 2022 - Commercial collaboration with Natus_vincere_official

  • 2021 - Commercial collaboration with Vzm auto

  • 2021 - Commercial collaboration with Pitch4ck, USA

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