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Group Exhibition


The project "Pause, update, play"  is the reflection of three artists on three topics: pause, update, and launch.
These concepts represent a constantly repeating process that affects our life. It accompanies us in work, thoughts, everyday life, and world history. Pause is stagnation, silence, and waiting. Renewal is the energy of destruction and change. Launch is a new beginning.


The experiment aimed to gather reflections of different artists on radically different in one space, as if in a laboratory. The same materials, the same working time, general discussions of project management, and the exchange of experience and opinions gave birth to contrastingly different but united by one global topic, works of art.

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Іvanyuk Nazar

Nazar Ivaniyuk



Born in 2004 in the city of Kyiv.

In 2018, he graduated from the art school named after H.L. Zhukovsky.

In 2021, he entered the faculty of painting at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.

Areas of work: graphic, painting.



  • 2023 Group exhibition "PUP" - ArtNaPoshti, Ternopil, Ukraine.

  • 2022 Group exhibition "Kyiv, the Chronicle" - The stonework of the Kyiv Viyta, Kyiv, Ukraine.

  • 2022 Group exhibition "Ukrainian art and artists. Charity art auction" - Gallery V, 13 John Street, Cambridge.

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A pause is a critical point before a new beginning. At this moment everything that exists after a sharp emotional shock is aimed to change the existing order.

Thoughts are aimed to a new, perfect future, and such thoughts create space for ideas. White spots of light, breaking through the dark veil of stagnation, illuminate the petrified, silent images, giving them directions for the movement. The viewers are behind the silhouettes, so they do not know what they feel, and most importantly, what they see. However, the attraction of this light creates the feeling that the stone is about to come alive.

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Kupatisya chi ne kupatisya_.jpg
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Halyna Abramova


She was born in 2002 in the city of Kyiv.

In 2017, she became a student at the Kyiv College of Arts and Design, where she studied graphics, painting, graphic editing, etc.

Areas of work: painting, graphics. 


2023 Group exhibition "PUP" - ArtNaPoshti, Ternopil, Ukraine.

2022 Group exhibition "Kyiv, Chronicle" - Stonehouse of the Kyiv Viyt, Kyiv, Ukraine. 

2022 Group exhibition "Flakkebjerg Efterskole. Charity auction" - Flakkebjerg, Slagelsevej 13, Denmark.

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​The "renewal" series of works originates from reflections on the reset, unstable state of reality where the old has ended and the new has not yet begun. Soft dynamic images densely fill the entire canvas space, like details of a constructor that still has to be assembled. A saturated, clean palette hints at future prospects and an open path to becoming something new, something next.

Random images, as if taken from a still frame of a film, are the projection of the thoughts and feelings of people and society onto a new reality because humanity, in particular, shapes the future.

Apokalіpsis - sogodnі.jpg
Bez nazvi (z kozami).jpg
Davidenko Andrіj

Andrii Davydenko


He was born in 2001 in the city of Nizhyn. 
In 2016, he became a student at the Kyiv College of Art and Design, where he studied graphics, painting, graphic editing, etc. 
In 2021, he entered the National Academy of Art and Architecture, the painting department.

Areas of work: painting, mosaic, and graphics. 


  • 2023 Group exhibition "PUP" - ArtNaPoshti, Ternopil, Ukraine.

  • 2022 Group exhibition "Kyiv, the chronicle" - Stonehouse of the Kyiv Viyt, Kyiv, Ukraine.

  • 2021 Personal exhibition "Ghosts of a Townsman" - House of the Architect of NSAU, Kyiv, Ukraine.

  • 2021 Festival of Monumental Art of Ukraine (group exhibition) -  Art Museum named after Galagana, Chernihiv, Ukraine.

  • 2020 Group exhibition Shatro - Lviv, Ukraine.

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​​The launch series is a new imaginary reality. The intense, aggressive color palette is chosen to create a sense of the otherness of the space depicted on the canvases. Adam and Eve symbolize the beginning of a new, completely different existence. The layering of images of sharp urban landscapes and scenes from everyday life is created to show how confidently new creatures live in a self-revived reality. And the depicted new world, despite the contrast, appears before us immersed in Ukrainian ethnic motives, thus paying tribute to its history and remembering its roots.

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