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Yevhen Hryhoriev

Subjects and predicates

The subject names the subject and answers the question who? Or what?
They gave a name.

The predicate names the action, state or feature of the subject and answers the question of what the subject is doing.

A life was gifted.

At first this project was about death. The death of a single person, individual, personality - the entire universe. I do not separate the soul and the body, so for me it is the end point, death in every sense, then only nothingness. But, probably, this project is still more about fear, rejection and an attempt to escape. About finding a transcendent way to avoid such an ending. In other words, about life.

From the outside, our existence looks like a starry night sky, in fact - it is the constant flashes and extinction of billions of lights, which momentarily fill the surrounding emptiness with their radiance. Together with the radiance, time, space, and names are born.
The subject and the predicate are the means by which I illuminate, invent my world, give names, and attribute certain things and events. I impose my subjective view on the objectively existing reality and thus form my unique universe. And when all objects, dashes, lines, dots, and spots fall into place and move along their trajectories, nothingness recedes.

This is my escape.

Movement is probably the only constant in our world that can be more or less held on to. Hope.


Born on January 23, 1978 in Luhansk.

Graduated from general education and art schools, and later from the Luhansk College of Culture and Arts.

  • 2005, graduated from the Lviv National Academy of Arts, Department of Graphic Design.

Since then, he lives and works in Lviv, a participant in many exhibitions, both in Ukraine and abroad.

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