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Marianna Hilevych


 A remembrance is something that is preserved in memory, a playback of what was previously fixed by it. It is the ability that allows us to bring something from the past into our consciousness, something that suddenly came to life and became distinct. Memory allows us to relive the past without the need to recreate the circumstances.

The creation of the series was prompted by the need to find balance within. In a period of chaos and decay, there is self-rumination to raise the forgotten to the surface, understand and talk about the present, and find balance. " The Present," in my works, is a process of absorbing thoughts, and experiences of the subconscious, then rejecting the direct contexts and fixing certain elements that form a picture of a general impression and immerse you in a situation without direct contexts. 

That is the illumination of what is felt through understanding and endurance by the subconscious. "Forgotten," that special thing that always gives air and closes consciousness in moments of pain and suffering. For me, this is the carefree time of childhood, with family and friends, in the yard of my hometown, which is still the most peaceful place on earth, and the smell of the morning air, accompanied by dreams and plans for the future.


In difficult times, you need to live with warm memories and not silence any experiences.


The project "Contrasts of the Future" supports the series because life is a complete contrast of events, emotions, and experiences, as well as the series of works "Smell," flowers as a symbol of the future and prosperity.


Born in Rivne on March 5, 1997. Marianna has been living in Lviv since 2015. In her works, she draws a parallel between a contrasting life and a contrasting art of time,  illuminates her own reflections on exciting questions.

  • 2015-2021 Ivan Trush Lviv State College of Decorative and Applied Arts. (specialty - fine art, decorative art, restoration; major - art weaving)

  • 2012-2015 Lviv Higher Professional Art School (major - painter)

  • 2008-2012 Rivne State Children's Art School


  • 2023 - Volya charity auction, Powder Tower. Lviv.

  • 2023 - an exhibition of the Department of Artistic Textiles of the LFCDUM named after Ivan Trush
    "Textile mosaic", Museum "Boikivshchyna", Sambir.

  • 2023 - group exhibition "Soil", Artspace Dykiy Dim, Lviv

  • 2022 - Charity auction "Dorotheum", Austria

  • 2021 - group exhibition. Festival of contemporary art "ShchoYakNai", Fest
    Republic, Lviv

  • 2021- Personal exhibition "Reality in contrasts", "wa. Lviv", Lviv

  • 2021 - Group exhibition. Avant-garde festival, Lviv.

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