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Inna Kharchuk  

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This exhibition is a series of images, thoughts, and perceptions of what was lost and gained during the terrible events in the country.

Moments when the feeling of someone else's grief or joy overflows and permeates that you begin to feel the size of your soul. The images portray the lost and unfathomable, the acquired. They flow into achromatic portrait images that seem to emerge from the past into reality, and dramatic emotional outbursts, the search for a place in oneself that has remained alive.

Processes when storms of emotions experienced by a person form its internal soil, based on which it divides into alien and native or "chuzhoridne".

This exhibition has a certain autobiographical subtext; it's about inner experiences, alienation, and filling oneself with various emotions, even those that, until recently, one did not allow himself. Everything blends together and pours into a painting.



In her artistic practice, Inna investigates the transformation of authentic imagery through color and versatile composition.


The artist endeavors to find the deep-laid Ukrainian cultural code through the prism of her personal feelings to identify what place Ukrainian modern art occupies in the global art arena. Inna Kharchuk deals with such issues as self-identification in society, individual and collective memory, experiences, and reflections. She researches 'ancestry' and 'family,' i.e., essential matters in the context of the events happening in the country, which, in turn, characterize the series of works created by the artist.


The figurative abstraction of the painter combines the elements of realism with pure spectrum colors, which beneficially fuse via artistic experiments. In the context above, these artistic elements become the reminiscence of Ukrainian culture in the artwork. While creating the artwork, the painter uses archive photographs to thoroughly investigate female, unique, historical Ukrainian costumes and the context of the situation when the particular picture was taken.

Inna Kharchuk was born in 1995 in Ukraine and lives in both Rivne and Kyiv. 



2014-2017 - Lviv National Academy of Arts (LNAA), majoring in Murals.

2010-2014 - Dubno Culture and Art College under the Rivne State University of Humanities, majoring in Visual Arts. 




  • 2022 - Tunel Vision, context 2.0. Is not Gallery & Velychko Gallery. Nicosia, Cyprus

  • 2022 - Context, Morfi Gallery & Krapka Gallery. Limassol, Cyprus

  • 2022 - Art Residency, Krapka Gallery. Paphos, Argaka, Cyprus

  • 2022 - "sinNe_Perception and Exception" Millstatt Abbey, cloister. Millstatt, Austria

  • 2022 - "The Art of peace", THE STAR. Houston, Texas, USA

  • 2022 - "Make art not war", CAM MUSEUM. Naples, Italy

  • 2021 - UFW Show & OverallUA, Mystetskyi Arsenal. Kyiv, Ukraine

  • 2021 - "Your Names, Ukraine", Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art Korsakiv. Lutsk, Ukraine 

  • 2020 - Art project "Immunity", Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art Korsakiv. Lutsk, Ukraine

  • 2020 - personal project "Our Own", Antik Art Platform. Rivne, Ukraine.

  • 2019 - personal project "Our Own", the gallery in the Castle of Princes Ostrogski, Dubno

  • 2019 - personal show "Impressio", Antik Art Platform. Rivne, Ukraine

  • 2017 - "Mimicry" project, Lviv National Academy of Arts Gallery. Lviv, Ukraine. 

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