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On March 3, 2021, an idea was born to create a contemporary art gallery at our new HQ office, Lviv. We wanted to make the first steps in supporting the art scene and young talent in Lviv. 

The arts and the people who are a part of the art world shape our humanity and cultural heritage. And therefore, we would do anything we can to bring the arts a little closer to the IT world, our tech-focused mindsets, and the people of Lviv, in general. 

And most importantly, getting people together to exchange ideas, points of view, and merely good energy has never been as imperative as it is during these uncertain times. These days when we often have to self-isolate, work from home, and visit any social events with caution, even a couple of works of art on the wall can have a very positive influence on our emotional state. 

We are waiting with anticipation for the quarantine restrictions to be in the past, so we can invite our colleagues and everyone else interested in viewing art in person, talking to the authors, and sharing our impressions. 

Waves of Worries.Olha Hnativ. Opening Reception.
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