Ковальчишин Леся-Переговори.jpg

Another reality

Lesya Kovalchyshyn

Opening Reception: August 13, 15:00 


We are beyond excited to finally have another art opening at our gallery. After what feels like forever, soon our space will be glowing with new art. Lesya Kovalchyshyn has agreed to share her beautiful artwork with us, and we are deeply grateful for the opportunity. Her work is not only relevant but also manages to touch the intimate parts of the subconscious at the core of our existence as humans. Despite the occasional use of bright saturated colors in her paintings, there is a constant presence of gloom and darkness. Dynamic compositions and intriguing subject matter evoke myriad emotions and questions. The artist expertly represents our biggest worries on both individual and national levels. The one doesn't supersede the other. No matter how immense external circumstances are, there will always be a personal layer at the base of every singular moment.  

And last but not least, 35% of all profits from purchased artwork will be donated to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.