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“Міраж” (частина ІI). Диптих.  70 х 100 см. п. о. 2020.jpg

Life as it is and as it is not

Yaryna Shumska

15.01.22 - 10.02.22

Opening Reception: 15.01.22 14:00

Please join us for a celebration of another exceptional art opening. 
Yaryna's work is undoubtedly progressive and ahead of its time in the Ukrainian art scene. With a light touch but a confident hand, both her paintings and performances strike us with their internal power that lingers long after the silent dialogue between the viewer and the art is over. 

"Observing the paintings, we (both viewers and artists) invest so much in color, texture, into the specifics of paints that create optical illusions. But we do not always remember the time invested into them; we do not remember about the time and human presence. Painting is a very unique activity: in my case, it is a dialogue, but being alone. It is about being here, and not being somewhere else. And how tangible is this presence?" Yaryna Shumska.